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Vacation update

Well, about 3/4 of the way done with my vacation and things are going pretty good. My dog got hit the dog got hit the Friday before i left and didn’t get home until last tuesday but now she is back and doing okay. I also went on a field trip with my nephew and another with my oldest niece. What’s funny is that she rode a roller coaster that did loops and barrelt rolls, it even had two lifts where you literally were laying on your back going up and then going straight down on the downhill side. But when i asked her to ride a wooden roller coaster she wouldn’t go near it. I haven’t done any playing of WoW since i’ve been home but once i get back from vacation i’ll probably been seen online again. I also have one question for anyone the may have watched the CBS special Brooks and Dunn: The Final Rodeo. I came in sometime during the middle of it and saw an actor walking off and was wondering if anyone knows his name. there is a movie of his i would like to get but i’m drawing blanks on what his name is or the name of the movie. I’m thinking it was Sean Penn, but i really don’t know. Talk to you guys later. 🙂
Definitely not sean penn


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wordpress app

This is kinda directed at reversion over at looking4more. I just got the wordpress app and can not figure out how to make comments in response to previous comments. Any help would be appreciated. 🙂

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Well, it has been a while but I start my vacation tomorrow! It will be a long drive but I’m looking forward to getting to go home for a couple weeks before my upcoming deployment. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be playing WoW after I get back from vacation since I’m going to leave my computer at my parents and I doubt my laptop will cooperate with WoW either.but I think i’m going to try to start doing more blogging, at least until I get deployed. I’m thinking of maybe getting a better flickr account and then have my parents keep it updated with pics i send them while deployed. Guess I better get back to packing. Signing out on leave at midnight so i don’t have to be at work call at two in the morning. Cya guys late!

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The WoG Inquirer

Bear with me, this is the first episode of the WoG Inquirer. Captions will be below the pictures.

Our two budding (Vet and Joe Giblets) Paparazzi doing what they do best; goofing off!

Ameilia was caught trying to force Joe the beggar into giving her the shirt off his back. Despite the fact that he has no money!

After refusing to give up his shirt, Ameilia beat Joe the beggar into submission. At this point he cried for help from anyone within earshot. (of course i didn't help; i couldn't blow my position.)

after seeing Joe the beggar come tearing around the corner of the inn with no shirt, Zac Jheri came to see what was happening.

Thinking she had been uncovered as a bully she attempted to fight Zac but Zac proved to much for her as he hit her in the head with the flat side of his blades; causing her to go unconscious.

After a long night on the job, Joe Giblets relaxes in the inn. Oddly he has a striking resemblance to that beggar

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My new iPad

Well i know this isn’t WoW related but i just wanted to say i love my new iPad. I bought the 64gb wifi model and got a bluetooth keyboard for it as well. I just got it in the mail a couple of days ago but must say that i’m enjoying it a lot. I had a gunnery range all day yesterday and into this morning and after playing music, watching videos, and playing games for a fairly decent portion of the day while waiting to fire i still had 35% battery life left when it was time to leave. At the moment my favorite game is Flight HD. I assume its about the same as the version for the iphone except you have two landing strips and 3 helipads. the hard part is that they have to land on their respective color runway. i also have a program called sketchbook pro that seems like it will be pretty fun. i actually drew a face in about 10-15 minutes and if i could figure out how to get the picture off the ipad i would put it in this post. Which brings something up. this post was written entirely on my ipad.
sketchbook drawing

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Naming Your Toons

What inspires people to give their characters some of the names that they do? Tonight really got me wondering so I figured I would make a post about. Sometimes I think it may just be plain ignorance. Other times maybe they think it’s funny. So for this post I’m going to talk about one name in particular that people have named their characters that is allowed by Blizzard but is by any means still extremely offensive. So here we go.

I saw a name tonight that actually inspired me to report it as offensive (which was a first by the way) was Himmler. Now I remember when I was smaller I thought the name sounded kind of funny. But once you learn your history and find out who Himmler was that changes pretty quick. For any that don’t know who Himmler was; he was the Reichsfuhrer of the SS and a leading Nazi party member back during WW2. He oversaw all the police forces to include the Gestapo. He eventually rose through the ranks to become the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany. He also oversaw the running of the concentration camps, extermination camps, and the death squads aka Einsatzgruppen. The Einsatzgruppen were SS paramilitary death squads that took part in systematic killings of various parties. One German magazine named “Der Spiegel” has even named him “the greatest mass murderer of all time”, which I think speaks volumes about how even his own country thinks of what he did.

Now if you go over to the Armory and do a search for the name Himmler, you will get 68 results. Surely not all of those are played by people who never heard of what he did. Now personally I don’t think they should get account warnings. I feel blizzard should add it to their list of unavailable names as well as variations that would be read to sound the same. I figure if a DK I named “Dumbnuts” is offensive enough to get me an account warning then this should be more than offensive enough to force blizzard to force all 68 toons to change their name and just add it to their reserved names. Again, I don’t want account warnings, just make them change their names and get on with playing the game.

Now if you would like to read more about Himmler and why i believe his name should be permabanned just read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Himmler

Later on while discussing this topic with other guildies the name Mengele came up. It took a second but once they mentioned what he had done i remembered who he was. I’m not going into as much detail on this one but needless to say he was another Nazi, but this guy was a Doctor that did some bizarre things. And while i don’t agree with the way he did his research he did actually come up with some medical advancements. As a matter of fact if you go to the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C. they have a section talking about how he advanced the medical field. Again i feel there are better ways he could have done the research. Fortunately when i searched his last name on WoW armory nothing returned.

Finally, i decided to do a search in the Armory for none other than Hitler. Surprisingly there are 4 toons with the name Hitler. Now this is one name that everyone has definitely heard of and shouldn’t need to be told why it is inappropriate.

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Random Dungeon should be called Random Crazies

Tonight was full of epicness, some good and some was just shameful. To start the night I logged in on my druid in order to get to level 15. First quest I went to do and I got a ninja invite from someone nearby. Apparently they were on the same quest as myself and wanted to see if I would join them so we could help each other. So I join up with them and I’m running around in bear form while they were in caster form. So I didn’t pay too much attention to my health figuring they would watch it. A few minutes later and I was dead. Oh well, you live and learn.

Fast forward to level 15 and I immediately join lfg for anything I can do which happens to be RFC, Deadmines, and WC. So anyways I jump in lfg as either healer or dps since I didn’t feel comfortable tanking with no aoe tank abilities. Seconds later Deadmines pops up saying I’m going to be the healer. I think to myself “Sweet! Deadmines should be challenging at level 15.” So we all get zoned in and buffed up, a minute later a dps leaves. No big deal, we replace him. Then another dps leaves. We replace him and continue. And another leaves, so we replace him. Finally get to the first boss and down him. Shortly after the tank leaves. This continues for the rest of the instance. Why? Your guess would be as good as mine, the only person to die was myself and that wasn’t until we reached the boss right as you get on the boat. Then I died again because of a pat while trying to get back to the group. Meanwhile our tank leaves. As I’m running back a second time I get ambushed yet again by the pat, but due to a bit of luck we got a replacement tank and he zoned in right in time to save my butt. I think we had one more dps leave between the boss at the ramp to the boat and the final two at the top but I can’t remember at this point. Long story short we could have filled 3/5 of a 25 man raid with the number of people who cycled through our group; 15 people from start to finish. That’s pretty idiotic if you ask me. But I can’t complain too much since I got 85% of a level in one run.

So I rejoin LFG and get RFC, not as bad as before but still had more than one person replaced. Had two tanks (one in RFC and one in WC) that decided they could tank with big 2h swords (both warriors). When I asked the one in RFC if he had a shield I got a “lol” which was a slight bit annoying but w/e. The guy in WC hearthed out and either bought one or had one in his bank, so at least he fixed my only issue. At one point I had a tank running around with a 2h sword and a dps running around with a sword and board. This got me curious so I looked at their talents. The tank was a fury warrior using a 2h sword (don’t fury warriors usually dual wield?) and the one with the sword and board was an Arms warrior.

So here is my question for tonight:

1. When making a new class how many people actually consider the roles they can fill and make sure they at least have the basic gear needed to fill said roles when joining lfg?
Now I’m not saying your gear has to be perfect but if you are say a ret pally and you queue for a random dungeon as dps and a tank, make sure you have a shield and a weapon to go with it. Likewise for dps that queue as healers, if you are going to do it make sure you have healing gear. Now I don’t expect it to be nearly as good as your gear for your preferred role, but signing up as a tank and not having a shield (for classes that use them) isn’t being fair to your party. Just like (using me as an example) a feral druid trying to heal, they need to make sure that they have some gear with +int so that they can keep going on a bad pull. And no a bad pull is not when you keep letting runners go pull the next group and on and on.

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Guild chat comedy hour

Ok, so i have decided to try to get one good conversation from guild chat each week. So far this weeks gem is a real beautiful one that got started innocently enough by yours truly. Names have been changed to protect the innocent (except me, i have no shame!) if you guys want to become e-famous let me know and i won’t change your names (ingame of course) but since the only people coming here are SAN guildies you won’t become to famous anyways. So here is the first gchat in what may become a weekly feature if nobody objects:

[21:00:58] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: Like paste togehter words as in a ransom note and newspaper?
[21:00:26] [G] [25:Herocules]: if any of you have mage questions i am mor ethan willing to answer them 🙂
[21:00:20] [S] [Solnal]: c ya
[21:02:25] [G] [13:Blorngiblets]: but it has to look like normal conversation
[21:02:45] [G] [60: SSR]: OK Nouns, time for this slacker to get some sleep so he’s ready for the workin’ stiff 9-5 tomorrow. Pleasure as always – see ya soon
[21:02:46] [W To] [8: Camomile]: i wonder why it shows up fine on my computer
[21:02:49] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: Dual box and go all Socrates on yourself
[21:03:05] [G] [18: Nokiaa]: i think the definition of a ‘normal’ conversation is a little slippery in this guild 😀
[21:03:07] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: Nite man…
[21:03:12] [G] [2:Spunky]: nite!
[21:03:12] [G] [13:Blorngiblets]: i’m not reactivating another account again
[21:03:14] [W From] [8: Camomile]: hm. i think you’re right, could be an account login thing. did you upload, or paste?
[21:03:21] [W To] [8: Camomile]: uploaded
[21:03:28] SSR has gone offline.
[21:03:30] [W From] [8: Camomile]: hm. that does seem mysterious
[21:03:43] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: Did anyone else get a Blzz security message in the past couple of days ansking you to relog in?
[21:03:53] [W To] [8: Camomile]: have to wait and see if anyone else has that problem
[21:03:55] [G] [8: Camomile]: no….
[21:04:00] [G] [13:Blorngiblets]: no
[21:04:06] [G] [2: Spunky]: This is the first time I’ve logged on since final fantasy 13 came out ~_^
[21:04:08] [G] [23:Lenne]: that sounds suspicious.
[21:04:15] [G] [13:Blorngiblets]: ooh, i could just have a conversation with myself lol
[21:04:18] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: yeah…
[21:04:18] [W From] [8: Camomile]: yeah, good idea
[21:04:35] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: good morning self
[21:04:40] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: good morning
[21:04:45] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: hoe bout that PUG last night
[21:04:51] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: whew! that tank was LAME!
[21:04:53] [G] [13:Blorngiblets]: if anyone has problems seeing my screenshots let me know so i can try to fix it (on my blog)
[21:04:53] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: hello leaky
[21:05:17] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: hi
[21:05:25] [G] [13:Blorngiblets]: Hey, we already talked about boobs, no need to talk about hoes
[21:05:36] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: we always talk about boobs
[21:05:45] [G] [8: Camomile]: i am SUPER lucky. i now have 5 rabbit’s foots.
[21:05:46] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: usually dwarf boobs
[21:05:48] [G] [8: Camomile]: footses?
[21:05:55] [4:Alinagin] has earned the achievement [Can I Keep Him?]!
[21:06:04] [G] [13:Blorngiblets]: i knew it!
[21:06:05] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: nice! link a pet…:)
[21:06:17] [G] [4:Alinagin]: [Core Hound Pup] [Mr. Chilly] [Warbot]
[21:06:23] [G] [25: Herocules]: those are hawt
[21:06:24] [G] [13:Blorngiblets]: should rename the Guild to SAN Boobaholics 😛
[21:06:29] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: [Baby Blizzard Bear]
[21:06:41] [G] [8: Camomile]: hmmm.
[21:06:55] [G] [8: Camomile]: i’m not sure i’m a boobaholic per se… although i am quite attached to them
[21:06:58] [G] [8: Camomile]: mine, especially
[21:07:01] [G] [8:Tawry]: I didn’t get a [Baby Blizzard Bear] in the mail
[21:07:02] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: literally?
[21:07:02] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: Boob itself is a single abstract noun
[21:07:06] [G] [8: Camomile]: LOL
[21:07:10] [G] [13:Blorngiblets]: exactly
[21:07:18] [G] [8:Tawry]: my boobs are not abstract
[21:07:19] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: I didn’t get my BBB in the mail either
[21:07:19] [G] [18: Nokiaa]: but they’re better in pairs
[21:07:23] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: I got it from a server transfer
[21:07:28] [G] [8:Tawry]: ah ha
[21:07:31] [G] [8: Camomile]: lol
[21:07:36] [G] [13:Blorngiblets]: so would boobaholic maintain a singular abstract noun?
[21:07:49] [G] [8: Camomile]: it would, technically speaking.
[21:08:17] [G] [18: Nokiaa]: maybe ‘mammarymad’ would be better than ‘boobaholic’
[21:08:22] [G] [8: Camomile]: ROFL
[21:08:25] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: lol
[21:08:25] [G] [18: Nokiaa]: avoids the plural issue
[21:08:31] [G] [2: Spunky]: I read that as ‘mammary man’
[21:08:41] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: Great character name 🙂
[21:08:43] [G] [13:Blorngiblets]: but since the Majority of females in the world have at least a pair could you really consider it singular?
[21:08:53] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: Mammarymad the Patient
[21:08:54] [G] [11: FruitsoftheDragon]: Tomorrow, on some server, there will be a Tauren called “Mammaryman”
[21:08:59] [G] [18:Naheema]: lol
[21:09:00] [G] [2: Spunky]: lol
[21:09:01] [G] [8: Camomile]: is “a pair” a singluar noun?
[21:09:02] [G] [13:Blorngiblets]: hahaw
[21:09:04] [G] [18: Nokiaa]: boob is clearly singular
[21:09:10] [G] [8: Camomile]: oh, i know that. it is in the US, but not the UK?
[21:09:15] [G] [18: Nokiaa]: boobs are plural
[21:09:49] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: mmmmm boobs
[21:09:50] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: would that be boobs are plural or boobs is plural?
[21:09:57] [G] [13:Blorngiblets]: but if you took all the females in the world (of any species) and averaged it out it would be more than one per female right?
[21:09:57] [12:Steve] has come online.
[21:10:03] [G] [8: Camomile]: boobs is plural, definietely
[21:10:05] [G] [8:Tawry]: boobilicious is an adjective
[21:10:07] [G] [25: Herocules]: woa woa woa those boobs are LOS
[21:10:12] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: the word “boobs” is singular
[21:10:15] [W To] [8: Camomile]: see i get everyone in on my blog post this way lol
[21:10:19] [G] [8: Camomile]: much better writing, that latter
[21:10:23] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: so the sentence should be “boobs is plural”
[21:10:24] [G] [12:Steve]: you got line of sighted by boobs? thats great
[21:10:27] [G] [2: Spunky]: It’s like… pants.
[21:10:31] [G] [2: Spunky]: You don’t just have a pant.
[21:10:33] [W From] [8: Camomile]: DAMN YOOOOUUU! now we’re ALL talking about boobs! lolol
[21:10:34] [39:Skylark] has come online.
[21:10:41] [G] [8:Tawry]: no, one can have a boob or two boobs
[21:10:42] [G] [18: Nokiaa]: but you can just have a boob…
[21:10:45] [G] [20:Megawrath]: lol
[21:10:45] [W To] [8: Camomile]: muhahaha
[21:10:49] [G] [8:Tawry]: boobs is definitely plural
[21:10:49] [1] Changed Channel: [1. General – Teldrassil]
[21:10:49] [2] Changed Channel: [2. LocalDefense – Teldrassil]
[21:10:51] [14:Roaringjays] has come online.
[21:10:52] [G] [20:Megawrath]: nope, they come in a shet
[21:10:56] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: rofl
[21:10:57] [G] [2: Spunky]: lol
[21:10:58] [G] [8:Tawry]: one could also be a boob
[21:10:59] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: do noobs have boobs?
[21:11:01] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: Maz are you drinking?
[21:11:03] [G] [18: Nokiaa]: one boob, two boobs…
[21:11:04] [G] [20:Megawrath]: shtu[id drunk warrior quest
[21:11:05] [G] [8:Tawry]: or a groups of boobs
[21:11:06] [G] [18: Nokiaa]: it’s pretty cleaer
[21:11:10] [W To] [8: Camomile]: just going to copy and paste these conversations
[21:11:10] [G] [2: Spunky]: three boob, four?
[21:11:16] [W From] [8: Camomile]: oh totally do that
[21:11:29] [G] [25: Herocules]: ( o Y o )
[21:11:30] [G] [4:Alinagin]: a bobble of boobs
[21:11:31] [W To] [8: Camomile]: now i gotta come up with something for tomorrow
[21:11:35] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: ROFL
[21:11:42] [G] [18: Nokiaa]: boob is, boobs are.. this boob is bigger than that one; those boobs are bigger than these
[21:11:51] [G] [8:Tawry]: three like the hooker in Total Recall?
[21:12:05] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: the triple breasted whore of eroticon six
[21:12:21] [W From] [8: Camomile]: hmmm going to be hard to top that
[21:12:22] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: I lvoe the hitchhiker’s guide
[21:12:23] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: ( o Y o Y o )
[21:12:26] [G] [19:Gwendlyn]: ROFL
[21:12:27] [G] [2: Spunky]: lol
[21:12:30] [G] [25: Herocules]: now that 3-boobed lady was scary
[21:12:37] [G] [8: Camomile]: eeek
[21:12:52] [G] [8:Tawry]: gnomes chicks dancing remind me of the midget hooker for that movie
[21:13:00] Type ‘/help’ for a listing of a few commands.
[21:13:05] [G] [25: Herocules]: rofl
[21:13:17] [G] [11: FruitsoftheDragon]: *activates /dance for the first time*
[21:13:35] [G] [9: Camomile]: OMG!
[21:13:36] [G] [11: FruitsoftheDragon]: I don’t know what the hell this is, but it’s not dancing. It looks like a combination of mime and a grand mal seizure.
[21:13:50] [G] [9: Camomile]: i’m so focused on catchig up with B. i haven’t danced on my human!
[21:13:59] [G] [19: Nokiaa]: we’re talking gnomes… petit mal plz, 😀
[21:14:01] [G] [9: Camomile]: LOL
[21:14:01] [G] [3: Spunky]: Nelf dancing is… odd to me.
[21:14:13] [G] [11: FruitsoftheDragon]: I’m talking male draeni, actually. The gnome dance is kind of charming.
[21:14:24] [G] [19: Nokiaa]: male NEs channel michael jackson, the females dance like strippers
[21:14:29] [22:ICdeadpeople] has earned the achievement [Blackfathom Deeps]!
[21:14:38] Thiefery has joined the guild.
[21:14:43] [G] [11: FruitsoftheDragon]: Heyo.
[21:14:44] [G] [14:Rhye]: welcome!
[21:14:45] [G] [1:Thiefery]: Hi!
[21:14:46] [G] [3: Spunky]: Guess I’m just used to the belf dance
[21:14:48] [G] [3: Spunky]: Evening!
[21:14:56] [G] [65:Zoro]: Welcome
[21:15:00] Skylark has gone offline.
[21:15:30] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: Welcome
[21:15:48] [G] [17: Leakyroofs]: k – im off for a couple hours – later all…..
[21:15:59] [G] [1:Thiefery]: see ya
[21:16:10] Leakyroofs has gone offline.

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I need your help with my RP toon history

As the title says i need help coming up with a history for my frost mage in SAN. So i came up with a great idea which involves input from as many people as possible. So here is the idea:

Remember that story telling game where you start out with a sentence and then each person adds to the sentence to create a story? Well that is what i intend to do with my character’s history. All i ask is that it is kept to a PG level of language and content. Just leave the sentence as a comment and I’ll copy and paste the story to another post as it progresses so we can read it easier. His mannerism is that of a person with ADD. Alrighty, so here is the first line:  “Joe Giblets was born in Southshore 26 years ago.”

Commence to storytelling!!

(p.s. the funnier it gets the better!)

Update for the story (moved stuff around trying to keep it somewhat readable  :P):

“Joe Giblets was born in Southshore 26 years ago. He was the runt of the litter. He is the 13 of 45 children making him the lucky one. Although a few years ago, Joe suffered a personal crisis when his elder sister died of the Plague, leaving him 12th of the surviving children and challenging his confidence in his own luck. Growing up in the shadow of Hillsbrad, with regular Horde incursions, he has what can only be described as Brunhildegarde Syndrome (aka Stockholme syndrome).This has lead to his varied attempts to be like the horde. The manifestation of this is his love for frost magic, as it emulates the undead. He thought the effects of Ice Block would help with his racing thoughts, yet when he thinks he does it, sometimes with disastrous results! An even more peculiar result of his circumstance and proximity to pirates, is his tendency to scream YAR! at inappropirate times. The scars on his back, his broken nose, and his distrust of cuddling women are among the many results of this. His deepest wish is to become a tauren. Their noble stature, their prowess at the hunt, their enigmatic wisdom – all touch a note in his heart, though he has yet to express this desire to anyone for fear of being mocked. Joe often looks at the mighty Shaman of the Horde and wishes that he too, could master the elements and lay down helpful totemic statues to aid his friends. This has led to him fashioning his own totems out of bones and various things he found lying around. They don’t work, but Joe brings them everywhere with him anyway, as good luck charms. But his secret could not be kept; he was caught mumbling how much he wanted to be a Tauren in his sleep by his remaining 44 siblings. Joe, the poor soul, woke up in Mulgore the next day, wearing an Elwynn Cow hide and a horned helmet stuck on his odd-shaped head with that Really Sticky Glue the trolls could make. He was in trouble and attracting some interesting attention… As a result of his fetish for all things Tauren, Joe has taken to helping the Southshore stablemaster muck the stalls. In fact, he has become so adept at these tasks that Joe’s master now lets him do thme alone – at least until he finds out the Joe does so wearing only chaps while humming, “We are Family”.

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A quick update

Well seeing its been a while i  figured i would put in an update. I just got back to the states last wednesday and am happy to be home. I haven’t been doing much in WoW since i have been doing stuff with friends and family. I also reformatted my computer and have been having a few issues getting everything running again. As i type this i’m downloading WoW since all my instlation cds are packed and sitting somewhere in the atlantic. So really not much to say. i’ve logged in here and there to see whats going on and talk to various friends but thats been about it lately. I’ll add some more later when i have something more interesting to add.

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